Shaan - the Pride of the Fallen Mighty

"Just a little more time and I'll have you all!!!" says Lucifer, the ‘Fallen Mighty’ and lord of the underworld.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Shaan is the only son and the greatest pride of Lucifer, the ‘Fallen Mighty’ and lord of the underworld. The Fallen Mighty feels that his son is naïve and foolish at times and needs a little ‘training’ before he becomes a worthy successor to the throne that rules the universe. To let Shaan get his ‘PhD in Devilization’, the Fallen Mighty suggests the young imp down to Earth. Earth is totally hopeless and it’s humans do so much evil that they sometimes scare the Fallen Mighty himself!

On Earth with SabeRam, the underworld’s most beautiful machine and his only companion, Shaan plots to bring suffering and chaos to his victims. His ploys are however foiled by a mysterious group of sky-eyed ‘do-gooders’ especially a female. Curious, Shaan sets out to track and find this evading group. He finds out that the group is a bunch of angels and the sky-eyed female is Gabriella, the sister of one of God’s most honored angels. Unwittingly, he falls in love with Gabriella, an utter ‘sin’ in the underworld.

Totally smitten by Gabriella, he follows her and tries to woo her. The Fallen Mighty first assumes his son is just being ‘naughty’ but then realizes things are n’t as they seem. Shaan along with SabeRam begins to do ‘ghastly’ acts of goodwill, kindness and compassion, helping people, fighting crime, and even busting ‘Dil’, one of Earth’s biggest mafia lords to the utter dismay of his father. This leads to tensions between father and son. The Fallen Mighty puts in his own ‘numbers’ to correct his erring son. He tries to blind Shaan with lust, deceit and hatred but in vain.

Furious, the dark lord banishes his son from the underworld. Shaan finally befriends Gabriella who tells him that he was once an angel himself. She tells him it is impossible for them to be lovers. She is an angel and he an imp. Never can the twain meet.

Banished from the underworld, he finds abode on Earth as a mortal where, with Gabriella; helps Earth’s hopeless souls regain their faith and their souls.

His denouncing of evil, sacrifice for love and the fact that he had pure love in his heart changed his soul back to his formal self, an angel to be welcomed back in heaven.


GIGI said...

When r u putting the ist chapter i am waiting for that.

Juby said...

nice synopsis, but where is the story?